Studio MOGER is here to make things. Things from stuff. Exploring process and techniques new, old and everything in between. 


To be aye mogerin aboot — to keep working on rather aimlessly, said of a person who just can't sit down and settle.

Studio MOGER's current project  startpoint aims to create a library of equipment for creatives that does not require a large and off-putting investment. We hope to lower costs by creating detailed instructions, kits, videos, and more, to facilitate DIY start up equipment that artists need to work. A Potter needs a wheel, a Printer needs a press - these tools enable creative pursuit and safeguard disappearing craft skills. At the core of these objects there are relatively simple mechanical assemblies - no magic, no secrets. Here lies the opportunity to build an open-souce library of accessible tools and provide skill retaining anchors preventing centuries of tacit knowledge from washing away.

Along this journey we aim to have fun and explore our own creative paths so the studio will also output objects and projects from the tools developed for the library. hopefully these can provide examples of what each item can do and how to use it. This output, if in the appropriate form, will be available to buy from our shop with proceeds put back into the development of the Library. Studio Moger receives no funding currently and all work is carried out in personal time along side full time work, don't be fooled however, we are serious about this project and the potential impact it could have on the creative community.


All photgraphy by Studio Moger.