The Moger Roller Press

We are in the process of building up a picture of whats happening within printmaking in Scotland at present.  To do this we are now contacting all the avenues to access printmaking equipment including Colleges, Universities and members studios as well as benchmarking against roller presses currently available for purchase online. If your a printmaker we'd love to hear from you too.

A step to build momentum.

Both members of Studio Moger have up until this point been working full time and squeezing hours into the start point project as and when we can. Working as a Design engineer I don't want to jump straight back into design when I get home and Carolyn is deep into her PHD madness so progress shall we say has been slow. At times completely static. With tents needing camped in, friends and family needing seen and drinks needing drunk, life, busy as it is, should get in the way as you only get one. All of this doesn't sound good for the studio... there has however, been a little change to the way things are getting done. As we mentioned before we are serious about the start point project and I have reduced my hours to 4 days a week to have a full day weekly to work on the Start Point Library project. I will try my best to give regular updates.

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Pecha Kucha - The Making Economy


It's been a month now since we spoke at The Whisky Bond's Pecha kucha and it already seems distant. What a fantastic group of speakers with fascinating projects, some great questions and discussion afterwards too! The volume of stuff we have completed on our path to getting the libraries first project up and running has been a blur! we have chosen our piece of equipment, given the studio space a once over to allow both the build and filming for tutorials and we are on prototype number 3! Expect an update soon on our first library entry and if you want to hear Roberts talk it will be up on the pecha kucha site hopefully within the month.


Start Point


The Studio Moger Workshop

So its the beginning of February and the wheels are in motion, it has been a long time coming but we have arrived at the start of our journey. This section of the website aims to provide a window into our plans, achievements, failures and general momentum of our campaign.  

Our aim is to provide access to the equipment needed by creatives by producing an open library of contraptions. This means developing equipment that can be easily built from common materials and basic hand tools, and providing 'shopping lists' combined with detailed instructions to guide the build. We intend to refit traditionally expensive and specialised equipment, producing templates for modular DIY tools that are freely available for creative exploration and play, in addition to preserving skills that could otherwise be lost.  

We believe that transparency in what we do and how we do it, is vital to this project, and we hope to create a dialogue with other creatives to inform our direction throughout. Currently, we are assessing our initial piece of equipment and what it should be: our first item to promote exploration in the creative fields. Collaboration is key to the success of Start Point and we want to hear what you think and what you need.  

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In The Begining

Studio MOGER headquarters.

Studio MOGER headquarters.

Studio MOGER has been moving into its new shared space down in Govan, right beside the old Graving docks and directly across the river Clyde from the Riverside Museum. The move marks the beginning of access to a full workshop and this has brought on a hoard of extra work, organizing and maintenance before getting into the swing of Mogerin about.

We plan to begin working out of the studio and taking on projects at the start of Febuary 2017. Here's some images of our plans taking shape.