Start Point


The Studio Moger Workshop

So its the beginning of February and the wheels are in motion, it has been a long time coming but we have arrived at the start of our journey. This section of the website aims to provide a window into our plans, achievements, failures and general momentum of our campaign.  

Our aim is to provide access to the equipment needed by creatives by producing an open library of contraptions. This means developing equipment that can be easily built from common materials and basic hand tools, and providing 'shopping lists' combined with detailed instructions to guide the build. We intend to refit traditionally expensive and specialised equipment, producing templates for modular DIY tools that are freely available for creative exploration and play, in addition to preserving skills that could otherwise be lost.  

We believe that transparency in what we do and how we do it, is vital to this project, and we hope to create a dialogue with other creatives to inform our direction throughout. Currently, we are assessing our initial piece of equipment and what it should be: our first item to promote exploration in the creative fields. Collaboration is key to the success of Start Point and we want to hear what you think and what you need.  

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