A step to build momentum.

Both members of Studio Moger have up until this point been working full time and squeezing hours into the start point project as and when we can. Working as a Design engineer I don't want to jump straight back into design when I get home and Carolyn is deep into her PHD madness so progress shall we say has been slow. At times completely static. With tents needing camped in, friends and family needing seen and drinks needing drunk, life, busy as it is, should get in the way as you only get one. All of this doesn't sound good for the studio... there has however, been a little change to the way things are getting done. As we mentioned before we are serious about the start point project and I have reduced my hours to 4 days a week to have a full day weekly to work on the Start Point Library project. I will try my best to give regular updates.

you stay classy,